Center on Grace when Resolving Conflict • 9/21/2014 • Message 3 in the “Resolving Everyday Conflict” series

AUDIO, VIDEO & PRINTABLE MATERIAL IN THIS POST. Of course there may be accountability and restitution when resolving conflict, but Pastor John reminds us in this message based on the parable of the laborers in the vineyard that we need to center on Grace. Where God is in charge, we all get much better than we deserve and we don’t compare ourselves to others. One solution to conflict is to simply overlook it. Pastor John gives three practical ways to think about your conflicts that will help you really overlook an offense. (BTW – if you keep thinking about it, you are probably not really overlooking it and it’s time to move to another peacemaking strategy.)

It’s not too late to get into the DVD-based small group studies that are concurrent with the message series. This study includes 3-4 lessons to do on your own between the weekly sessions and really will make a difference in your life. Also, you have the option of the doing the study online on your own. Click here for more information.


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