OPERATING INCOME/EXPENSES as of the end of November 2014:

  Jan – Nov 2014 Budget $ Over Budget
Offerings  $        128,564  $        148,480  $       (19,916)
Other  $            1,930  $            1,970  $               (40)
Total Income  $        130,494  $        150,450  $       (19,956)
Expenses  $        139,586  $        146,746  $         (7,160)
over (under)  $          (9,092)  $            3,704  $       (12,797)

As you can see, we did not make our budget. But we’ve kept our expenses under tight control so our potential operating loss can likely be handled through this campaign. Also, as you will see below, we have a good year-end balance in our Building Fund.

BUILDING FUND as of the end of November 2014.The $6,411 donated to the building in 2014 does not show in the above chart because it is not part of our operating income/expenses. The building fund currently has a balance of $9,983.

LET’S CLOSE THE OPERATING FUND GAP! Since regular giving in December can be expected to cover December expenses, the above data indicates that we can currently expect a negative gap of about $9,000 between our income and our expenses.

So we are initiating a “Close the Gap” fund drive until the end of the year. We have received a matching funds grant of up to $4,500 to encourage everyone to help Close the Gap. Your year-end “Close the Gap” donation will be matched dollar for dollar (up to the grant limit). That means that for every $1 you give, the income/expense gap for 2014 will be narrowed by $2! Please use the special “Close the Gap” envelopes. And it is important that your “Close the Gap” contribution be above and beyond the regular tithes and offerings you planned for in December.


With everyone working together, we are confident that we can close the gap and finish 2014 without an operating loss.


God bless you as your prayerfully consider your contribution to “Close the Gap”

Close the Gap 2014

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