Confirmation is a long-standing tradition in many churches, including Lutheran churches, for children moving toward adulthood (usually beginning in 7th grade). The basic process is that he or she studies the Christian faith in some depth. At the end of this course of study, the students have the opportunity to confirm for themselves the faith into which they were baptized as a child.

This is a very important process as it helps a young person’s faith move from the simple Bible stories of Sunday School to a more realistic and nuanced Christian faith. You may have already experienced questions and influences that call for faith discussions beyond the edited-for-children versions of the Bible stories we all tell our kids. We will cover Christian teachings at a basic adult level with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

These confirmation classes are open to all. Participation in the Rite of Confirmation is not required. Last confirmation class included several middle schoolers who were not members of Journey of Life.

CLICK HERE for the Confirmation Class Syllabus 2016-2018

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Confirmation Classes

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