Dear friends,

If you are like me, you are frustrated by the number of visitors we get to our church.

It’s a tough problem because our church is so spread out. Only a few of us live in the immediate Lake Nona area. How can people hear about and visit a church that gathers for worship from miles in every direction and then disperses for the rest of the week?

One answer many churches have found effective is direct mail.

We must remember that nothing is quite as effective as a personal invite. But direct mail can raise community awareness of our congregation. It can also be used to direct people to our congregation on Sundays when they are more likely to consider going to church anyway.

Easter is coming. We have a chance to reach out and invite 5,0000 people or more to this special holiday service.

Recently, a family approached me with an extra $680 that they wanted to give for the Lord’s work. They asked if there was anything special it might be used for. First, I thought of the building fund. But then I thought that what we really want to do — what our current quarterly mission focus is — is to get first-time visitors to Journey of Life so we can introduce them to Jesus and love them in his name.

And so was born the Easter Outreach mini-fundraiser.

Then, (a church postcard service provider) announced a sale:5,000 targeted oversized postcards mailed for just $1,195, including postage. With $680 already donated, that leaves us only $515 to completely cover the cost of a 5,000 postcard mailing.

And, if we get more than the remaining $515 for the first 5,0000 postcards, we can mail more postcards. Or get some matching invite cards. Or get some matching door hangers.

Easter is one of the biggest new-visitor Sundays of the year. I think this is a really important opportunity.

Will you help with a special donation this Sunday, March 5, 2017, beyond what you normally plan to give?

Imagine if we could mail out 10,000 postcards! or 15,000!

I’m not sure how they are printing and mailing postcards at 23.9 cents per piece including postage. But I don’t care. That’s their problem. 🙂

Our job is to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. And this is a very good opportunity.

If you are frustrated by the number of people consider a special extra offering this Sunday, March 5, 2017.

If you won’t be at church this Sunday, consider making a donation online. Click the Paypal button to the right.


Pastor John

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Easter Outreach Mini-fundraiser 2017

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