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Faith formation is a life-long process that starts in childhood. One of a parent’s primary responsibilities is to teach the Christian faith to their children. Nobody can replace the parent or primary caregiver’s teaching both in words and the example they set with their lives. The goal of Journey of Life is to encourage and support the teaching of our Christian faith to our children. “Faith Milestones” is a series of age-appropriate classes and activities designed to give kids a solid Christian foundation as they grow.

Read the class descriptions below, find out where your children fit and mark the date on your calendar in thick black ink. If your child is in an in-between grade, he or she should participate in the class for the grade below their current grade so that next year he or she will be on schedule. There is no passing or failing a Faith Milestone. Nobody will get special awards. This is a chance for each child to grow spiritually without any sense of competing against or comparing themselves with others.

All dates listed are Sunday afternoons. Time and place are to be determined. For more information or to register, contact Pastor John at or cell (407)923.7251.

First Grade — The Bible Story

First graders are great at stories. Upon completing the two classes that comprise our “Bible Story” Faith Milestone, students will be able to tell the entire core story of the Bible. Parent/guardian participation is strongly recommended. Dates: October 5 & 12. 2014. Click here for more information and to register.

Third Grade — First Bible

Third graders have reached the point where they can read real stuff. It’s time for them to learn more about the Bible. Upon completing the two classes that comprise our “First Bible” Faith Milestone, students will understand where the Bible came from, know how to navigate it, know how to read it with basic understanding (types of writing, etc.), and how to get the appropriate meaning from what they are reading. Parent/guardian participation is strongly recommended. Dates: January 25 & February 1, 2015

Fifth Grade — Christian Service

This Faith Milestone celebrates the joy of service and explores the compassion that underlies our faith as our basis for serving others. This Faith Milestone will include two classes and a minimum of two service events. Upon completing this Faith Milestone, a student will be able to articulate the biblical basis for compassion and will have personally experienced serving others. Parental participation is encouraged. Dates: February 22 & March 1, 2016. Service projects TBD

Sixth Grade — Christian Relationships and First Communion

Middle school means big changes in so many ways, including relationships. Students completing “Christian Relationships and First Communion” milestone will be able to articulate what the Bible says about many important relationships in our lives, including friendship, citizenship and sexual relationships. The culmination of our relationship with God is His sacrificial love shown in Christ Jesus. The Lord’s Supper or “Holy Communion” is the relational meal of the body of Christ. This Faith Milestone will include instruction in the meaning and proper reception of the Lord’s Supper. Student completing this Faith Milestone may begin participating in the Lord’s Supper at Journey of Life. Dates: November 2, 9 & 16, 2014

Seventh & Eight Grade — Confirmation

“Confirmation” is a comprehensive course of instruction in the Christian faith. Meetings are weekly or biweekly during the school year for two years. Confirmation classes begin in October and are scheduled according to the availability of the students. Please contact Pastor John if you have a son or daughter in the seventh or eighth grade. Older children may also take the Confirmation class.


Faith Milestones — grades K-8

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