You can help our community by helping us get into a permanent home and quit renting a cafeteria. We plan music lessons, art lessons, counseling, and other community-oriented support ministries along with, of course, a church. And for those of you who are Christian, it’s important to know that all this is done in God’s name and creates opportunities for sharing the Good News.

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So, how big a hero do you want to be?

We need you in our story. Click on the number below (or pick your own amount). You will be taken to PayPal donations processing to consummate your financial participation in our efforts to get a church.


Our Story

We are a church in Southeast Orlando. We’ve been meeting in a school cafeteria for ten years (which is only available to us on Sunday mornings).

We do a lot of good for the community, including supporting a local children’s home and passing out food to homeless people. We would like to do more.

Our dream is to be a community-centered church. We plan to be a place for people to offer music lessons, dance lessons, counseling, and any other small business that’s good for our community.

But we need a building to do all that. That’s where you come into the story. We need heroes who step into the fray to help us make this community-center church a reality.

100% of donations will go toward funding our building.

Think about children learning ballet.

Picture a middle schooler learning to play the violin.

Imagine a someone who feels like their life is spinning out of control finding the counseling they need.

You are the one who can make that happen.

Community centers are hard to get going. A church with a community center is a perfect fit because the facility gets used all week long and on the weekends. And it’s all to benefit people.

Imagine a community center that people love to go to operated by a church that clearly bases their love for the community in God’s love for us as shown in Jesus Christ.

We would sincerely appreciate any help you could offer us.

Watch the video.

Then, please, help us make our dream for our community a reality.

Be a hero.

Every donation moves us forward. Even a buck or two makes a difference.

Help us get a building.

Donate now.

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