Life in the Wilderness – Introduction

“Wilderness” is an inhospitable place. We might like to go to the wilderness to relax if we are prepared, but nobody likes it when you feel “inner wilderness.” I’m talking about feels of shame, loneliness, remorse, fear. These are part of the human experience, but they feel like inhospitable wilderness inside of us.

This Lenten season we are looking at biblical characters who went through inner wilderness times. We will learn from them how God handles our wilderness times and what to do (or not to do!).

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Here’s where we are going on our Lenten journey:

  • 3/5: Adam & Eve – The Wilderness of Knowing that We Don’t Know… the grass seems greener
  • 3/12: Abram –Facing into the Wilderness of Your Unknown Future
  • 3/19: Israelites – The Wilderness of Our Need to be in Control
  • 3/26: Elijah – The Wilderness of Feeling All Alone
  • 4/2: John the Baptist – The Wilderness of Feeling like an Outsider
  • 4/9: Jesus (Palm Sunday) – The Wilderness of Being Misunderstood
  • 4/14 Peter (Good Friday) – The Wilderness of Guilt and Weakness