Dear Friends,

People need Jesus. Our community needs Jesus. Our church is a place where people are introduced to Jesus, where God’s love shown in Jesus Christ is celebrated and shared. As a church home, a building is an extension of that purpose. That’s the reason to get a building – to further God’s purposes for our congregation.

An anonymous donor approached me recently with a desire to give $800 in a way that would do the most good. The idea of a matching funds grant for a fund drive was suggested. From that conversation the “One Day Sunday Money Bomb Building Fund Fundraiser” was born.

The concept is simple. Let’s see how much we can raise for our building fund in one day: this Sunday, February 21. Donations received between now and this Sunday will count, as will donations mailed before Sunday but received next week. All eligible donations up to $800 total will be matched dollar for dollar.

There are three ways to give:

  1. Bring a cash or a check (made payable to Journey of Life Lutheran Church) to church on Sunday earmarked for the “One Day Sunday Money Bomb Building Fund Fundraiser.”
  2. Mail a check made out to “Journey of Life Lutheran Church” with “One Day Sunday Money Bomb Building Fund Fundraiser” in the memo field to Karen Peterson, 13930 Lamont Dr, Orlando, Florida 32832
  3. Donate online via PayPal Giving Fund. This online method is quite exciting because 100% of the donation will come to Journey of Life. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt from PayPal Giving Fund, but Journey of Life will also note your donation. So many people use bank cards and credit cards as their primary way of moving money where they want to. Through the PayPal Giving Fund, you can use the method of giving you prefer and no fees will be charged to you or to Journey of Life. The only caveat is that apparently you are required to have a PayPal account to give through the PayPal Giving Fund. CLICK HERE to donate to the One Day Sunday Money Bomb Building Fund Fundraiser.

I’d like to see us blow that $800 matching fund grant right out of the water and add $2,000 or more to our building fund this Sunday!

As Doug Lovelace properly reminded us last Sunday, this is a chance for additional giving that will make a difference. It will not be going into the operating fund. So please don’t shift your regular giving to this one day campaign. Use this as an opportunity to practice extra generosity.

Regarding our progress in acquiring the home, more information will coming soon. But let me say this: Everything looks pretty good. Right now the thing that concerns me most is that there is a significant amount of time involved in getting a Special Exception from the Zoning Board. We must include getting this Special Exception as a contingency on any offer we make on the property because without it we will not be able to perform the ministry we intend. The earliest Zoning Board meeting at which we could be granted approval is May 5, 2016. So the sellers would have to be willing to wait that long. Now you know what to pray for!

People need Jesus and so do I,

Pastor John

One Day Sunday Building Fund Fundraiser!

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