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The goals of the Quarterly Mission Focus:

  1. Build unity in our congregation by choosing something for our congregation to work on over a three-month period — something we can all rally around.
  2. Get to know each other as we share mission, service and growth opportunities that are important to each of us.
  3. Do the work of the kingdom of God as a congregation.

How the Quarterly Mission Focus works:

  1. People at Journey of Life apply to have a mission, service or growth opportunity that is important to them selected as our Quarterly Mission Focus. This focus could be anything that strengthens or expands the kingdom of God. Some examples could be:
    1. Support a missionary
    2. Have a water drive or a fund drive to build a well for a village that doesn’t have clean water
    3. Develop deeper a understanding of income inequality or racism (this would include inviting speakers to give us real stories instead of just what major media outlets push)
    4. Support Kairos Prison Ministries in a deeper way
    5. Support a person or family in a special time of need
  2. The congregation will choose what the Quarterly Mission Focus will be after applications have been received and information handed out to everyone. At the meeting to choose the Quarterly Mission Focus, applicants will have an opportunity to talk further about their application and answer questions.
  3. Then we will focus on that mission for three months!
  4. At the end of three months, we can continue the same focus or choose a new one.

How to apply for your mission, service or growth opportunity to be our Quarterly Mission Focus:

  • Use the Quarterly Mission Focus application below or
  • CLICK HERE to view/download/print a PDF version of the application

Quarterly Mission Focus Application

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