Revelation Bible Study – Lesson 1 – Introduction

Welcome to the first lesson in our Bible study on the book of Revelation. This lesson, “Introduction,” introduces and defines several important words and concepts that will come up again as we study Revelation, so don’t skip it!

You can either watch the video or listen to the audio version. You may also want to download (and print) one or both of these documents:

In this lesson, you will be introduced to:

  • Pastor John’s teaching style (broad and charitable)
  • Type of literature in the Bible and Revelation as apocalyptic literature
  • Pre-, post-,  and a-millennialism, and the rapture
  • The preterist, historicist, futurist and spiritual points of view with regard to interpreting Revelation.
  • Linear, cyclical and ongoing interpretations of the events of Revelation.
  • The author, date, and place of writing.

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