The Bible Story is a two-day class for first graders and their parents that covers the entire story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It’s a fast-paced and fun class that includes all sorts of kid-oriented fun. By the end of the two 90-minute sessions, children will be able to tell the entire story of the Bible from beginning to end in 12 simple steps. The goal of this class is to help children know the history of the Bible in skeletal form so that as they learn and grow, they understand where all the different stories of the Bible fit in the larger context of God’s work in the world.

Included in the fee for this class is a copy of the “Jesus Calling Bible Story Book” by Sarah Young, a 256 page beautifully illustrated hardcover storybook style Bible. This is a great Bible to read to children or for children learning to read on their own.

This class is part of the Faith Milestones series at Journey of Life.

Jesus Calling Bible Story Book Cover

The particulars

  • Fee: $12 per child (no fee for parents). Late registration (after 9/25) is $17 to cover expedited shipping on the book, so register now!
  • Dates: October 5 & 12, 2014
  • Time: 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Place: Pastor John’s home (near 417 & Lee Vista Blvd.)
  • Ages: This class is designed for first graders as part of the Faith Milestones program. Since Faith Milestones is a new program, second graders are encouraged to take “The Bible Story” so they are prepared for the third grade class, “My First Bible.”

Register and Pay

  • Click here to register for the class on Signup Genius
  • Use the form below to pay for the class on Paypal. You are welcome to pay by check or cash if you’d prefer. Just go ahead and register for the class. We’ll confirm your attendance and you can pay at the class.

  • Number of children

The class will cover

  1. Creation & Fall – God makes it good, man makes bad choices, God continues to love.Adam & Eve
    1. Cain & Abel
    2. The Great Flood
    3. The Tower of Babel
  2. The Patriarchs
    1. Abraham & Sarah
    2. Isaac & Rebekah
    3. Jacob & Rachel (and Leah)
  3. Joseph the Dreamer
  4. Moses the Deliverer and Law Giver (with Aaron by his side)
  5. Joshua the Conquerer
  6. Time of the Judges
  7. Time of the Kings – Saul, David, Solomon, and the rest…
  8. Israel Destroyed, Judah taken to Babylon
  9. Judah returns
  10. Life of Jesus
    1. Birth
    2. Ministry
    3. Final Week
    4. Resurrection
  11. Life of the Church
  12. End of Time

The Bible Story

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