Week 1 • Adam & Eve • Sermon

Every one of us faces personal wilderness times. I’m not talking about the enjoyable outdoors. I’m talking about times where we feel wilderness — inhospitable, unlivable country — growing inside of us. What we do when we feel that will make a great difference in the course of our lives. This message begins a Lenten sermon series exploring those wilderness times.

Adam & Eve were confronted by the basic wilderness that every human must face: not knowing. There is much we don’t know. We can’t deny our curiosity because that has driven humanity forward in so many ways. But our curiosity also leads us into bad places. There are things we can’t unsee. There are things we can’t undo once we’ve tried them. The question, then, is whom can we trust go guides us forward into the great unknown. The answer is Jesus. By his death, he shows us God’s mind-boggling love for us and by his resurrection, he shows that he actually knows what he’s talking about.

Enjoy this sermon on Adam & Eve, the first in this Lent 2017 series: “Life in the Wilderness.”

Follow this link to get audio or video of the sermon along with a downloadable sermon outline with Bible verses:

Life in the Wilderness • Week 1 • Adam & Eve • Sermon