Journey of Life — a Lake Nona Church

We are proud to say we have been a Lake Nona Church for over twelve years. But we are not just a Lake Nona Church. Our members come from Orlando, St. Cloud, Narcoossee and Kissimmee as well!    

The Basics

We want you to know what to expect so you will feel comfortable coming to visit.


At Journey of Life, we want to preserve the 2,000 year history and wisdom of the ancient church while living in the 21st century. If you are from a traditional church, you might find the informality of our historical practices a welcome change. If you are from a non-denominational background, you will feel right at home even as you are introduced to worship practices that are over 1,500 years old. The big thing at Journey of Life is love, because Jesus said that people will be able to identify his disciples by their love. And if you don't have a church background, you are most welcome! Pastor John is a great teacher and always teaches from the ground up. At Journey of life, the big thing is love because Jesus said people will identify his disciples by their love.


Worship starts at 10 am every Sunday in the Lake Nona YMCA.


  • Opening prayer
  • Sing a couple of songs
  • Bible reading
  • Children's message (After the children's message, the children are escorted out to children's church)
  • Sermon that applies timeless truths to today's life
  • Brief break with special live music. Use this time to reflect, take some notes, bring prayer requests forward, even go to the bathroom if you need to.
  • Celebrate the Lord's Supper every Sunday in a historic, liturgical fashion.

Children's Church

We offer your children the chance to get positive Christian teaching at their level every Sunday. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: You start out in church with your family together (that's good!). We open with prayer, sing a couple of songs, and have a Bible reading. Then the children are invited to the front for a brief message with Pastor John. After that, Miss Anya will escort them out of church to the Media Center. There they will get an age-appropriate Bible lesson (That's good!) and parents will be able to concentrate on the message in church. (That's good!) — PLAN YOUR VISIT —


Based on visitor surveys, we are 100% friendly! Please visit soon. Why not this Sunday?

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Podcast & Blog

Sermons and Bible Studies get posted on our blog in various audio and video formats. Here's three to whet your appetite.
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Our Pastor

He often goes by PJ
John Rallison
John Rallison


In ministry for over 20 years, Pastor John loves to talk with people as they walk their spiritual journey. You can schedule yourself right into his calendar. Just CLICK HERE and pick a date/time when he is available. You can meet at a local place or just talk on the phone. It's that simple. Do it!

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