You can revitalize dull relationships and keep new ones fresh with these two simple practices.

Why do some relationships grow stale and boring while others seem to grow in vitality as the years pass?

How can you restore life and vitality to relationships that have grown dull and lackluster?

In this sermon, Pastor John gives you practical and powerful pointers for keeping relationships vital. (It’s the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, so PJ continues his telling the story of Martin Luther and the Reformation even as he offers practical guidance for modern life.)

Near the end of the sermon, Pastor John will give you a simple assignment that may breathe new life into your relationships. It’s just one question to ask anyone you’ve known for a while. But it might be like letting fresh air and light into a dark and musty room. It’s a great question even for relationships that are humming along nicely.


Pastor John closes the sermon with a special gift for you:

A single sentence that is pure gold.

Imagine a single sentence that is the perfect response when…

  • Your daughter comes home from school frustrated

  • Your spouse is angry

  • Your son tells you something wonderful about a video game that you don’t understand

  • Your coworker offhandedly mentions something that seems important

  • Your mom tells you she had a good day

  • Your teenager is having relationship troubles

  • Your spouse tells you something he or she is excited or nervous about

Could there possibly be such a magical sentence?

Yes! There is a single sentence that is the perfect response to every one of these situations.

This is a sentence you will want to memorize and keep in your back pocket.

Don’t worry, it’s only 5 words long. But these five words have an almost spell-like power to bring life and forward movement into every situation mentioned above and many, many more.

Watch until the end where Pastor John reveals this amazing piece of relational ju jitsu.

Yes, you could just scroll to the end of the audio or video. But why do that? You’ll miss a video clip from “Happy Days” with Fonzie and Ralph Malph. You won’t hear Pastor John’s odd, yet oddly appropriate, name for God.

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