You, Too, Can Be Satan
You Too Can Be Satan Sermon Image

At one point in their time together, Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan.” Pretty rough words! What happened? And what can we learn from it? Pastor John goes deep in this sermon, asking us to evaluate our own reasons for the things we do in the lives of those we care […]

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Three Things You Definitely Do Not Know and What to Do About It

What we don’t know is as important as what we know. We know a little bit about Jesus Christ, but not much in the grand scheme of things. Knowing that we don’t know opens us up to deeper worship. You also don’t know what the narrative function of the people around you is in the […]

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Be Like Jesus: Have Good Boundaries and Spend Time Alone with the Father

In this episode in the life of Jesus, we see two things that we can all emulate for happier, healthier, more peaceful lives. First, Jesus spent time alone with the Father. Not just reading scripture or devotions, but simply being with the Father. Second, Jesus had good boundaries. He knew what he was about. He […]

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