Church Service

Worship starts at 10 am every Sunday. HERE’S WHAT TO EXPECT: Opening prayer • Sing a couple of songs • Bible reading • Children’s message • (After the children’s message, the children are escorted out to children’s church) • Sermon that applies timeless truths to today’s life • Brief break with special live music. Use this time to reflect, take some notes, bring prayer requests forward, even go to the bathroom if you need to. • Celebrate the Lord’s Supper every Sunday in a historic, liturgical fashion.

Children’s Church

We offer your children the chance to get positive Christian teaching at their level every Sunday. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: You start out in church with your family together (that’s good!). We open with prayer, sing a couple of songs, and have a Bible reading. Then the children are invited to the front for a brief message with Pastor John. After that, Miss Anya will escort them out of church to the Media Center. There they will get an age-appropriate Bible lesson (That’s good!) and parents will be able to concentrate on the message in church. (That’s good!)